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        Service Capacity
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            R&D capacity and synthetic technology

            With a strong R&D team Leading by first-class PhDs in Organic synthesis, we can provide continuous and professional service and solutions in chemical synthesis, processing and manufacture. Cooperating with the first-class institutes/universities in China, our team differentiates from its competition in performing many kinds of reactions, including oxidization, cyclization, coupling, oxidization, reduction, Metal-catalyzed reactions, or a low-temperature or high-pressure reacation.


        英文版-無錫乾浩生物醫藥有限公司版權素有 www.bestpharm.com.cn
        聯系人:梁小姐 地址:No 85 Shashan Road, Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. 電話:13501722344